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I used to do one thing. Now I do another. Come for the FFmpeg, stay for the PowerShell

Author: Jamison Moore

Capturing Gameplay For REAPER

Capturing video that will play nice with REAPER can be a challenge, but I’ll walk you through it in just 7 steps, and only one of them has a lengthy FFmpeg command in it! And it’s optional! Probably!

V-Do and V-Don’t

I’ve engineered, directed, and you name it’d hundreds of dialogue sessions in my life. They’re usually great. Here’s a few thoughts on how to make sure things go great, and maybe a few notes on what not to do.

You should be watching “Reel Talk”

Making a reel is hard. Don’t make it harder by working blind. Tune in to the best reel critique show around, and while you’re at it, here are a few things you might learn from it.

Microphone Shootout – Goooooooooold!

GDC 2017 – 3 Pairs of Earplugs, 1 Pair of Headphones

I was broken and reforged in the crucible of GDC, as always.


I Bought Something Terrible

Is a $16 microphone the key to great recordings? Oh god no. But is it fun?


Reflection on Constraints

Constraints can be useful. Sure drawing inside the lines is no way to get ahead, but if you’re the one drawing the lines…


Make America Bake Again

It’s good to have a hobby that doesn’t involve work. An outlet for your creativity, but make sure you have an outlet for your baked goods.


In TWINE, no one can hear you scream…

Twine is a great tool for prototyping, don’t let it’s complete lack of tools, audio, and visuals scare you off!


The Best Thing I've Ever Baked